Prepare Your Home To Sell In The SF Bay Area

The Perfect First Impression

Looking back at your home, do you remember what made you decide to purchase it?

What was that one feature that made you excited enough to say this is the house?

If you have plans to sell your home on the San Francisco market, you are going to have to revisit what made you fall in love with the home in the first place.

Home Disclosures And Inspections

Before you can begin the process of selling your home, there is much that needs to be done. One of the first aspects that need focused on is the home inspection report, which includes:

  • Roofing
  • Termites
  • Pools And Spa
  • Property
  • Foundation
  • Fireplace And Chimney

In the San Francisco Bay area, it is the responsibility of the home owner to have these reports completed and fill. By having this information prepared ahead of time will help save time when the purchase rolls around. A listing agent will be able to review any paperwork for their clients before an offer is made. A buyer does have the option to request additional inspections such as plumbing and electrical if they happen to have any additional concerns.

Marketing And Pricing Strategy

Your real estate agent should be proactive in comparing the various prices of homes in your area to create a fair listing price. There are several factors that must be considered:

  • The average market condition such as the number of multiple offers or average days on the market.
  • How desirable is the neighborhood, this includes schools, shopping and other various amenities.
  • What are some of the unique features of the home? What is it square footage, overall condition or lot size?

Once you have arrived at the asking price, a personalized and comprehensive marketing plan must be created. There is much more to marketing a home other than the traditional Multiple Listing Service or MLS. It is important to understand that 88% of all potential homeowners have searched for their home online. The realtor that you choose should use a variety of social media and technology to help in the promotion of your property. The overall marketing plan should place the maximum amount of exposure to bring in qualified buyers.

Prepping The Home For The Market

house for sale signIt is essential that your home is able to make the best first impression possible. It is important that your home is able to excite potential buyers and grab their attention. A well cared home is going to make the sale process that much faster and easier. There are a few things to keep in mind while preparing your home for sale:

  • Never underestimate indoor or outdoor curb appeal. Create a simple to follow checklist that will allow you to organize your cleaning and home improvements for the maximum impact.
  • Remove all personal items. It is important to understand that a buyer wants to imagine themselves in the home. By removing personal items and photographs it makes it that much easier. In addition, you want to remove specific values such as finances, prescription drugs and jewelry.
  • Stage the home to show off specific aspects of the home. Professional stage and helps to highlight aspects of the home for the best advantage. By simply rearranging furniture and highlighting specific artwork can make even the smallest room welcoming.
  • Be accommodating about showing off your home. Try to make things as easy as possible for real estate agents when bringing potential buyers to your home. It is best to try and leave the home as soon as you know a showing has been arranged, as many buyers feel uncomfortable in the presence of the homeowners.

High Quality Photographs

Take the time to photograph your home for social media and real estate listings online. Quality pictures are one of the best ways to interest buyers in your home.

Preparing The Interior

Clean It All

Buyers expect to see a home that is clean inside and out and ready for moving in. You will need to begin cleaning everything especially windows and windowsills. Do not forget to scrub down tiles, ceilings, floors, walls as well as the kitchen and bathroom. All scuff marks from the doors should be removed. And please be certain to brush away cobwebs.