How to choose a listing agent?

The two biggest mistakes homeowners make when they are trying to sell their property and hiring a listing agent is asking for the highest list price and requesting the lowest commission. It is entirely normal that you want a good deal for your property, but, in some cases, you need to be realistic. Otherwise, your home will be on the market for a long time. The two previously mentioned criteria can lead you in big trouble if you are not careful. If you want to hire the best listing agent, then we are going to tell you how.

The highest suggested price for the property

You need to aware that you agent can’t tell you how much your house will sell for. This depends on many factors. A listing agent can provide you some estimates, evaluation, predictions, comparable sales, and actual sales. But, only the owner chooses the price, and the buyer is the one who will tell you if the amount is right. A real estate agent can suggest the price, but you make the final decision. If a realtor indicates the highest rate, then he is not trustworthy. Every agent knows the market and real value of your property.

Look for agent who gives you a price range

PriceAny experienced realtor can provide you a price range. It might be $10,000 apart, but still, you have something to look forward. There are many factors which can determine the range, for example, the location of the property, market movement, and improvements. Your agent should be able to offer you a fair price, but it’s up to you whether you will accept it.

Pricing is an art

When your house is on the market, you can always expect the different price range. If your home is priced right, then you will get an offer and sell it soon. On the other hand, if your house is priced high, then you might not get any showings and buyers will reject your offer. In this case, your agent should be an artist when establishing the price and attract a large number of buyers.