Five rules when working with real estate agent

Real estate agents love working with people, but some clients may seem unprofessional and sometimes cross the line. If you already have found your real estate agent, but you aren’t aware of the protocol, then we have a couple of advice for you.

Agent works on commission

There aren’t many real estate agents who work on salary. Most of them are on the paid fee. For example, if an agent doesn’t close the deal, he won’t be paid. You need to understand that real estate agents aren’t public servants and they don’t work for free. Don’t ask an agent to work for you, if you plant to cut him from the deal.

Pay attention to time

If you already have an appointment with your agent, then make sure to be respectful and be there on time. Real estate agents have a lot of work, and they need to keep their schedule in check, to avoid confrontation with clients. On the other hand, don’t expect your agent to drop everything and come running to your home. If you are late or don’t plan to show up, then call your agent and let him know about your plans.

Don’t call a listing agent, if you need a buying agent

Even though they are both real estate agent, they work in different areas, which means, they have various jobs. Listing agents work for sellers, not for buyers, which is a significant difference. If you are planning to sell your property and you hire a listing agent, don’t expect for everything to go smoothly. They might represent you, but, that’s not their job.

Make your expectations know

If you expect your agent pick you up and drive you back home, whenever you go to see properties, then tell him. While many agents will perform such service, some of them will ask you to meet them in the office. The significant thing is to notify your agent about your communication and how often do you expect to hear from him. Talk to him about all the matters that you have on your mind.